The Olivia Pope of Event Production
The Problem-Solver or "FIXER" 

As your solutionist, I am dedicated to creating + closing the gaps in your event + wedding processes. I e​quip moms, brides, planners, small businesses owners, organizations and more with the tools, knowledge, and resources to create, develop, and execute their desired weddings + events.

I act as a sounding board for clients with multiple ideas and a desire to organize, develop and implement them. I partner with you to assess your situation, help you organize, then create an action plan. From there we develop your execution strategy and determine what goal achievement looks like. 

-Jammie Louise

Hourly Consulting Options

Contact me to learn more about our services or jump right in with a 1:1 design session to talk with me, Jammie about the topics below. You can also contract me to create or improve planning processes customized for your events + weddings. 

  • organizing + developing your event ideas
  • venue/site visits + selection
  • event/wedding layout, concept + design
  • event processes + planning
  • building your event website 
  • setting up + managing your vendors
  • building strategic partnerships 


Pick Jammie's Brain | I provide a safe forum to ask questions related to organizing + developing your event ideas. Utilize this time to inquire about resources and ways to get your planning started. Develop a mini-action plan.

Email: hello@bloombyjl.com

Phone/ Text: 508-579-4316

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