Individual Consultation 

Even those at the pinnacle of success may find themselves trapped in a cycle of burnout, boredom, overwhelm, or sadness. Through personalized one-on-one consultations, I will assist you in pinpointing what is amiss in your life, discovering your unique strengths, talents, and values, and defining actionable steps to move towards a thriving state. Collaboratively, we will devise a plan to help you embark on the journey to live the life you've long desired. You might discover that your goal or your version of happiness is closer than you realize. Looking forward to our conversation!

Corporate Self - Care Presentations 

I provide in-house, live trainings on how employees can implement self-care into their daily routine to maximize life and career enjoyment (and minimize burnout). Learning Objectives include: Identify the prevalence and causes of burnout Identify the consequences of chronic stress and burnout Learn to assess when your work, physical, emotional, spiritual, or family life is out of balance. Learn techniques to calm yourself quickly using meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques, which are all demonstrated in the presentation. Learn tools to balance your priorities and master your time.

Self - Care Online Course

Crafted to deliver established self-care methods to you, these courses are focused on infusing greater ease, thriving, wellness, and JOY into your everyday life.

Hourly Consulting Options

Contact me to learn more about our services or jump right in with a 1:1  session to talk with me, Jammie about the topics below. You can also contract me to create or improve planning processes customized for your workshops, retreats or events. 

  • organizing + developing your workshops/ retreat ideas
  • venue/site visits + selection
  • layout, concept + design
  • planning
  • setting up + managing your vendors
  • building strategic partnerships 


Pick Jammie's Brain | I provide a safe forum to ask questions related to organizing + developing your ideas. Utilize this time to inquire about resources and ways to get your planning started. Develop a mini-action plan.


Phone/ Text: 508-579-4316


Engaging and immersive workshops where participants learn about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and create personalized blends to support their emotional and physical health.


Guided sessions focusing on self-reflection, mindfulness practices, and actionable steps to prioritize self-care amidst life's challenges.