Unpacking Resilience: Prioritize Self-Care

Unpacking Resilience: Prioritize Self-Care

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In a world that often demands Black women to be resilient in the face of systemic challenges, it's time to shift the narrative. While resilience is undoubtedly a powerful trait, it should not be used as a justification to neglect self-care. The expectation that Black women must always bear the weight of adversity can be mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting. Self-care is not a selfish act; it's an essential act of self-love and self-preservation. In honor of Self-care Sunday, I encourage Black women - All women to challenge these societal expectations and embrace the idea that they deserve self-care as much as anyone else.

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Creating a self-care routine is a transformative act of self-empowerment. It's a declaration that you are worth the time and energy required to nurture your well-being. Your self-care routine should reflect your unique needs, preferences, and interests. It's not about conforming to someone else's idea of self-care; it's about finding what truly rejuvenates your spirit. This can encompass a wide range of practices, from meditation and yoga to reading, journaling, or simply taking a quiet walk in nature. Your self-care routine should be a reflection of your innermost desires and an affirmation that your well-being matters.

My simple and daily self-care routine includes:

1. Alexa, Give me 5 minutes of Meditation after my alarm.
2. Spray - Winning Season, Good Vibes or Lite - Sunglasses + Advil Candle
3. Shower and lather with Majesty Botanical Oil.


As Black women, we must recognize that seeking self-care is not a sign of weakness; it's a demonstration of strength and resilience in itself. By embracing self-care, we break free from the confines of societal expectations and redefine the narrative. We empower ourselves to create a life that honors our well-being, our joy, and our peace. On Self-care Sunday, let's embark on a journey to design self-care routines that are as diverse and vibrant as we are, shedding the burden of relentless resilience and embracing the power of self-love and self-preservation. 

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