Shitty Night Inspires WINTER!

Shitty Night Inspires WINTER!

I have an Idea, I mean a really Great idea that I want to share with the world, well maybe at least Worcester to start. 

You know I use to be AMAZING but then life happened pushing me into corners that have become my safe zone. I have no idea what I was thinking about getting in front of a crowd to share my little idea - but I did it. I got up there, took the mic and choked! I mean I literally forgot all about my baby, my passion, my business. I let my business down by not being able to articulate to the crowd and judges what my vision truly was. I had a panic attack - so annoying, its been forever since I had one but I did and it sucked!

Anyways hours later and my body refuses to fall asleep, my mind is unable to fight the overthinking process, my thoughts are spinning and circling and hey guess it's time to do something.

I get out of bed and head to my nominal home apothecary and I somehow reached for the Sage, then Lavender, then Eucalyptus and of course some Roses (they smell amazing). Instantly I'm in the zone, I feel the weight as its lifted off my chest. I ask Alexa to play some Snoh Aalegra, I light my "Clarity" candle - it's now a Vibe in my home. 

Now I'm ready to add my carrier oils. My favorite trinity of coconut, sunflower and avocado do the trick. I opt for the double boil method because I need a fast result. Something is missing though - I add in a few drops of Bergamont and just like that a new product is born. I need this oil to hit my skin immediately. I need it to complete change my state of mind and remove me from the funk of lifes' harsh moments. 

All that sits on my mind is - I've made it through the Coldest Winter, I made it through the day. Tomorrow will be Greater but I will no longer reflect on the previous days disappointments. I'm donna push through towards my next prize.

Self - care is the BEST care!

Introducing "WINTER" A Luxury Body Oil infused with Sage, Lavender and Eucalyptus with a touch of Bergamont. - Jammie



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